Our patent service covers all technical fields including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and biotechnology:

- Drafting and prosecution of patent applications

- Reexamination, invalidation and appeals

- Judicial and administrative litigations

- Counseling on corporate IP management

- Opinions on infringement and/or invalidity

- Patent search and patent watch

- Technology licensing and transfer


Patents in Information and Communication Technologies

Electrical Engineering Practice Group serves clients’patent activities in the front-edge of the rapidly evolving electronics and information technologies, where timely renewal of knowledge is critical for a good patent prosecution, and understanding of new business models in the industry becomes necessary to fulfilling client’s need for counseling in patent strategy and management of patent portfolios. The Group keeps renewing itself in a way of fashion.

Practice cover all the areas of Electronics: Semiconductors, telecommunications, image processing, multimedia, optical storage, computers, IP-based convergence technologies, and other technical areas overlapping with electrical engineering such as medical systems, process control and intelligent transportation systems.

Technical competence is our advantage: Each of the group members has a degree in electrical engineering, or telecommunications, or image processing, or optical engineering or physics from top-ranked universities like Peking University, Tsinghua University, and BUPT. Some of our senior attorneys used to have R&D experience with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The young attorneys, in pursuing their degrees of Master or PhD, were engaged into research projects in the frontline of technology development. By representing the clients of international companies as industry leaders, the attorneys continue to have access to most important innovations acting as building blocks of the world of Information and Communication Technologies.

Insight into patents: The group is proud to have a senior patent examiner of SIPO. What he brings to the Group is more than the best quality prosecution cases handled by the examiner. He provides continuous training to others in the Group and even the entire Firm. The smooth-going communication with the current examiners helps the attorneys and the clients in many ways.

As a result of recognition for the seniority of our members in the profession in China, we are more than once involved into discussions and expert opinions for the amendment of the Patent Law, and the Examination Guidelines.

Full range of services: The group’s services have met the needs of companies engaged in R&D, manufacturing and transactions of patent rights with a broad array of products and technologies. The cases drafted by us for international companies were filed to multiple jurisdictions. We work on technical standard related patent with respect to essentialities and licensing. We counsel clients in the patentability of the contentious business method related inventions that would be not patentable otherwise. We provide support to the Litigation Group of the firm in patent invalidation and trials at courts.


Mechanical Engineering Practice Group

Mechanical Engineering Practice Group has twenty-one professionals including thirteen patent attorneys and eight technical specialists. Five of the patent attorneys are also qualified attorneys-at-law.


All the members earned their Master, or Ph.D. degrees in related fields such as mechanical engineering, physics, automation, precise instrumentation, metallurgy, materials, welding and casting, refrigeration and air-conditioning, auto engineering, and thermal energy dynamical engineering, etc.


Furthermore, most attorneys in this group have extensive experience in research, engineering design, product development or IP management before they joined CSPTAL. Also, two of the attorneys had ever been patent examiners at SIPO.


The practice areas include Electromechanical integration, optoelectronic technologies, and automation, particularly semiconductor devices and manufacturing equipment, printing systems and imaging systems, computer hardware and peripherals, automatic control, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, medical devices, thermal engineering, control systems in automobiles, and home appliances.


With the combined experiences of the team members, we counsel our clients across many industries on patent acquiring, drafting patent specification, responding to Office Actions, patent reexamination, invalidation and litigation. In particular, we have successful experiences in legal affairs, such as handling complicate and difficult reexamination cases and patent invalidation cases, patent infringement analysis, legal opinions, licensing and technology transfer, patent investigation, administrative enforcement of patents, patent litigation, and contracting.


Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Practice Group

The Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Practice Group of CSPTAL is a leading taskforce in China for the patent protection is these rapidly evolving technical fields. It is a main contributor to the firm’s business success. Several key founding partners of the firms all worked in this field. More than being directly involved in the work of the Group, they successfully trained the whole Group to be a best of such in China.


The Group provides a full range of services to clients both in and outside China, including multinational companies, well-known universities. The services include:

-Drafting and prosecuting patent applications

-Patent invalidation

-Counseling and opinion work about patent infringement and freedom to act

-Asserting and defending patent in front court and administrative authority

-Administrative protection of drugs and agricultural chemicals


The group has more than twenty members, including nineteen patent attorneys, one US patent agent and two technical specialists. Among us, one of our patent attorneys is enlisted by the Department of Justices as expert for technical appraisal in patent litigations; one has the qualification of a licensed pharmacist and the qualification of attorney at law; one was enlisted into the talent pool for National IP Strategy. Four of the attorneys are partner of the firm.  


The Group members all have a strong technical background. Ten hold doctorate degrees, while all the others have master degrees including four with LLM degrees. Our practices cover the technical topics including:

-Pharmaceutical chemistry/Pharmacology/Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical analysis/Plant medicine science

-Gene engineering/Protein engineering/Enzyme engineering

-Biochemistry/Cell biology/Immunology/Virology/Microbiology/Oncogene science

-Biochip science/Biophysics

-Organic chemistry/Polymer science

-Cosmetic science/Detergent science/agricultural chemistry

-Chemical engineering/Inorganic chemistry/Physical chemistry/Material science

-Textile science/Metallurgy/Environmental science


As well recognized by clients, the international experience of the Group has been continuously growing, while working with law firms from more than fifteen jurisdictions, and receiving trainings from the top law firm in US, Europe and Japan. Four of us had ever studied overseas, and four of us have work experiences overseas. The work language of the Group is Chinese and English.

The members of the Group have a wide and diverse range of experiences and expertise. Some of us ever worked as researchers in top universities or research organizations. Our combined expertise of qualified attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys, and technical specialist ensures that the clients’ inventions receive the most complete protection.


Japanese Electrical Group, Japanese Mechanical Group, and Japanese Chemical Group

China Science has three groups with Japanese as the work language, Japanese Electrical Group, Japanese Mechanical Group, and Japanese Chemical Group. The three groups provide a full range of services including drafting and translating patent specifications, responding to Office Actions, re-examination, invalidation, patent search, infringement opinions, consulting, licensing and assignment of patents and other proprietary technologies.


The Groups have more than 60 members, including 25 patent attorneys. Most of us have a master degree. Six of us have a PhD degree. Two of us were former patent examiners. All of us are fluent in Japanese. 20 of us ever worked or studied in Japan. Eight of us are fluent in Korean language.


The technical specialties include electronics, information technology, mechanics, chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The three groups mainly serve Japanese and Korean clients.


Domestic Business Group

The Domestic Business Group has nine senior patent attorneys, who were with the Chinese Academy of Sciences as researchers or the Patent Office as patent examiners. They are experiences in both research work and patent practices.


The Group acts as an interface to China Science’s domestic clients, while teaming with attorneys in other practice groups in serve the clients.


The Group has represented thousands of patent application on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other inventors in China. They also represent a large number of cases originated from Taiwan. They quality work and services are recognized by all the patent applicants.


From 2005, the Group started to work for several well-known large Chinese enterprises as perennial IP advisor, for which the attorneys work on patent forewarning analysis, risk analysis, IP trainings for managers and R&D staff of the enterprises, and opinions on patent filing out of R&D projects.


Application Department

With more than 70 members, the Application Group is responsible for procedures of patent filings to SIPO and foreign offices. Its services include consulting for clients in patent filing, collection of client information and case information, data management, preparation of documents for submission to the Office, fee management, timeline monitoring, maintenance of database and hardware facilities, and software development. All the procedural management is computerized to ensure faultless management of timelines in various procedures.


IPR courts established in Guangzhou and Shanghai